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Verrier Toast To Happy New Year
2013 started off really strong here on Ripped Nylon, I was excited, I had plans, I had a billion post drafts and then… nothing happened! For over half the year, I was swept away in the excitement of my first independent PR project, building a brand from the ground up, while I left my own to collect dust. Once that relationship was over, I came back to find that my brand, my blog, had fallen to pieces. I tried for months to get back into the swing of things, but I was having a blogger identity crisis, and could not find my focus!

Then, this week happened.

I was doing the “New Year Cleanup” and as I went through my feedly/bloglovin’ subscriptions, I found that many of the blogs I’ve read from when I started (back in 2009) had either gone silent for a full year or no longer existed! In the case of the ones that were still around, I went to the actual site and the difference from when they started was drastic, but inspiring. Then, I went to my archives and remembered the time where I didn’t dwell too much on whether a post was “enough” to release, when I would share the littlest whims, inspirations, and shopping lusts. I realized that after this many years, whether I was active or quiet, this blog is a part of me that I’m not ready to give up. With that said, if you’ve come directly to the site, you’ve seen that I changed the look *again* and hopefully noticed that I’ve begun to post more frequently on some different topics. Let’s see what 2014 brings, but I know that I’m coming into it with the lessons of 2013 and a clearer vision!

How adorable is this hand-drawn holiday card? by Verrier NYC

How adorable is this hand-drawn holiday card?
by Verrier NYC

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  1. Juliette Gold
    Juliette Gold01-05-2014

    Good luck! Looking forward for updates [:
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