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The weather in NY/NJ is driving me completely crazy! Nothing in my closet is cool or warm enough for the next temperature swing/pending snowstorm. Layering is really the only option, but it starts to feel like the same old outfit, so my first thought for a quick fix is always shoes, so a while back I came up with a few affordable options!

My favorites are the quilted sneakers, but they’re not available (boo) so I found similar ones that I’m hoping to pick up as an early birthday goodie!

Full disclosure: I don’t have a relationship with any of the brands shown above, I just wanted to share the flats I’m considering getting myself – if you like any of them, the image is all linked up for you, so check it out and let me know if you end up shopping or are inspired to find your own transition flats!


  1. Elissa

    Great selection! Love your picks and I too love the quilted ones!


    • Ely

      Thanks! I still can’t find quilted ones quite like that, any other suggestions on winter to spring flats?

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